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Hebrew is our language. But more than that…we speak a universal language. “The Language of the Heart.”  We could hire a pro, but that would take money away from the survivors. If anyone would like to volunteer to take care of this, then please feel free to contact us! Other than that, please read what the message is and if you don’t understand something then, by all means let us know!
From the Heart:)
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Lechaim DVD 2014 EN

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Pessach, the holiday of freedom!

Dear friends! On Friday, all Israel will celebrate the Seder – the holiday of freedom. Let’s go deeper and understand the meaning of this holiday.

 The Matza which we have to eat seven days, symbolizes a decrease in our dependence on material things. It gives our inner space, a break from being enslaved to material needs, going higher, getting cleaner and closer to the human being’s real nature, as created by the Almighty.

Exodus symbolizes the end of a long period of slavery. All the words are worthless if we don’t put them into practice in our daily lives. Again we should remember that the essence of our holidays is one: to return to our sources, experience growth and changes. It is kind of remembering during the year, as each holiday brings its core meaning. Pesach symbolizes the historical changes under the will of G-d, which caused the whole nation to wake up from slavery and gain a spiritual impetus, stepping willingly into the unknown. The Hebrew people did not easily give up the old habits and were forced to go through many shocking experiences before crossing the sea of redemption. On this holiday, we must remember that our spiritual nature focuses us on giving priority to a higher spirit along the main journey of life.
Going out from Egypt, is a story of past, present and future, and by fighting against the the latest confinements, sometimes unfortunately, it turns us upside down, and the holiday which is meant to get us closer to our divine inner selves, goes towards the directions of grandiose Festivals, which are technically amazing and become the essence of the Holiday. Our generation is in the middle of a very special journey, before full salvation. In the middle of the Seder, we discover our situation in these days, and feel the cry – coming out from our inner soul. by being able to get rid from old materialistic habits of many years. The Israeli nation is, on the edge of a deep gulf from which – there is no other way to go, and it demands a lot of courage to “jump into the water” which doesn’t have any name or defente identity – yet… with fog or with light, the new way has not risen yet.  It is a hug, and hard experience, but we must go through it with the dilemma in our inner soul. I would like to remind you about the great thirst in our soul for a heavenly sign – to give us direction. There is a thirst for a real freedom, and also there are dry feelings which create the thirst. The good news is that under all of that, salvation is waiting for the right hour and the order from the Almighty, who creates a new heaven and earth.

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Eliminate the Persistent gods, on the Way to Salvation

Dear friends! Just now, we have passed through Purim, and we will try to understand through this holiday the deep meaning of freedom and the freeborn man. We will start from one side of the story: Haman, as we know, was very successful in his career, and went higher and became the “the king’s favourite”. The world was spread before him, the honor and the wealth. But, all of that wasn’t enough for him. The Ego wanted more …and, nearby him, was a Jewish man, whose “sin” was: refusing the pagan culture, or to lose himself – his identity and his power, and to bow to Haman. Such a simple fact, left Haman restless, and why? The reason is very simple: Haman was very dependent, and that caused his hanging. He was dependent on being respected, and his ongoing passion against the stranger was growing at the expense of others. He wasn’t a free man and paid for that with his life. On the other side, Mordechai, who knew himself, his strength, his freedom, his uniqueness and his Jewishness. He was, on a level, so that no goddesses, fashion spirits, or other outside powers, could undermine his identity and his courage to stick to his faith against all the  winds of change. He understood, what the truth is, he felt it, in his soul and body. He was a man of vision, who didn’t hesitate to put aside his welfare, seeing what’s good for his nation and doing it by all means. And, of course Ester, who understood what Mordechai her uncle, wants, and absorbed the message: I have nowhere to run away to, my Uncle Mordechai is right! I have to look straight to the truth.  And she did it, in an amazing way by a glorious illustration and as a shining example. Not to be afraid from any sights, or to be overwhelmed by size, even, if you are a minority or alone, as it has been said: “I didn’t love you because you are many, so said G-d , but because you are few” A high spirit and true faith, has nothing to do with external influences. It’s an invisible strength which can give a lot of light from the inner being of the one person and even from the whole nation.

As we said, we are in the beginning of a period of a new heaven and a new earth. Micah the prophet, speaks of how each man will sit under his vine and his fig. An appealing prophecy, which redeems the Sin penalty of paradise.  You won’t need to experience the curse of “Eat bread by the sweat of the brow”, and you can enjoy the divine light, a vast abundance will be there and fill all essential needs. But, we are not yet there, and from heaven we are being prepared. How?  In the book of Amos there is amazing prophecy: Ch. 8, v. 11:” A time is coming declares my G-d when I will send a famine upon the land: not a hunger for bread or a thirst for water, but for hearing the words of G-d. Men shall wander from sea to sea, and from north to east to seek the word of G-d, but they shall not find it.”

And now, for the comprehension of the words: Many will wander around with this big thirst which we understand. Each of us feels an inner urge to look for something. deep in the soul and heart, the search is after God, unfortunately, most of the people do not understand the groan and the scream which is coming out from them, the embarrassment, the perplexity of madness, and the terrible quiet wasteland, the dry feelings… no attempts will help to bring the cure from the known old world and from solutions which we are used to. It means that the addictions are getting worse and no respite is there. So, how can we do it in peace and make it easier? Here in brief, is a solution: Firstly we must understand that in any illness there is a cure. We must understand that this wave of thirst and hunger is a divine wave which tries to create inside each of us finally, the wisdom that there is nothing but Him! It’s as simple as that! And the idols just disappear and pass away. But, in essence, it’s a terrible struggle which belongs to the generation of the apocalypse, between the Symphony of the evil inclination and ego who know that their time is coming to an end, but fighting for each soul, and their language is one: more, more, more, consume, consume, consume, to be dependant more and more…. Those terrible voices try to get us away from the light of salvation, from the light of a new heaven and the new earth.

We should know that our main work is not to search for quick and outside solutions,  to fill existing emptiness, and to understand that these are labor pains. Just to slow down and simplify life, each one in his own way, and accept gratefully this dry period, to enable the real-life water quench our thirst.


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