speaking from the heart

Hebrew is our language. But more than that…we speak a universal language. “The Language of the Heart.”  We could hire a pro, but that would take money away from the survivors. If anyone would like to volunteer to take care of this, then please feel free to contact us! Other than that, please read what the message is and if you don’t understand something then, by all means let us know!
From the Heart:)
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Before Purim

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This is the time to remind you the essence and vision of our work and the mission we feel in it. Ten years ago, we undertook a project to establish a superb Jewish education, based on the Bible and relationship, which requires unity between people, love and friendship… Continue reading

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Interview Arutz Sheva 24/2

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International Holocaust Remembrance Day

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Around the world, there are memory rallies for the holocaust day. Continue reading

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Daniel – Arutz 7 interview

Last, Daniel Braun, founder of the L’Chaim-to-life! project, joins Tamar and gives a pragmatic view of the End Times. Continue reading

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True peace and false peace

Dear friends!

ibentalAgain, here in Israel, on the Holy land, facing heavy spiritual danger when our leaders are under heavy American pressure mainly Jhon Kerry, who ask us to give region, called the Jordan Valley to the Palestinians. Again we see leaders, who imagining and dazzling around the power of authority and the gods of money. They think about money as the only capital we need, more then ever, is the spiritual human the capital, which connected with eternal covenant with firmly depth roots, with the G-d of Israel and the universe. Leaders without any inspiration, with a dark motivation, don’t have any interests of the past, present, or future, connected in the chronicles of the sublime and glorious eternal covenant between the God of Israel and His people. It does not exist in the hearts and agenda. This is a real time to the brave ones whom willing to rise above the dust and the daily graveness and outcry clearly. To rise up and demand to tell people in Israel and abroad: The Land of Israel is holy and belongs to the G-d who gave it to us as eternal safekeeping! We wouldn’t “bargain ” or give any peace of land! Peace will come when we will be fulfilled with our belief, not to cut or separate from our holy body. With amputated legs and heart, with no soul or vision- we will have to pay for it. Indeed friends, these are moments of truth! And me, Daniel, raise my hands and my head, up to the skies with a cry and prayers to our G-d :”Please! Arouse sleep in the dirt, shake your sons from their slumber! Make them to be able seeing that only You can protect and watch Your people”. I pray to violate the advice of mislead leaders! Reverse thinking that will bring the sword, depression and shame. Return hearts, wake up and renounce the lie that exists in the world about the fake peace. Peace will come only when we will be sure about the direct contact with you the master of the universe.

 !”Hear O Israel, our G-d , the only One”                          

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