The Garden Tree Project

Dear Friends! 

In good time,  is on it’s way the Garden Tree Project . During these days, our students are going to the homes of the Holocaust Winners, armed with a new message: seeding common vegetables which will grow in their living rooms. This is an inspiring project, with much to contribute. I owe this idea to my friend Yair Cohen, who produces healthily living and tries to inspire people with complex situations, helping them to find the power of the garden of life. Our conversation which we had recently, brought to me an overwhelming desire to bring to the students and adults, the idea of health. There is a Biblical text which is beautiful and inspiring in the book of Genesis 1: 11 And God said: ‘Let the earth put forth grass, herb yielding seed, and fruit-tree bearing fruit after its kind, wherein is the seed thereof, upon the earth.’ And it was so”. And later said God, Genesis 1:29 And God said: “Behold, I have given you every herb yielding seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed–to you it shall be for food;”

That my friends, is what God gave us: the green fields and the fruits of the land, and seeds that are supposed to provide us with our health. For hundreds and perhaps thousands of years, the human has got very far away from the earth. The industrial world has wrecked the human soul. We have forgotten what it is good for us and consumerism preys on us completely. Everything comes ready and quickly to our table. Fast food is harmful, causing many diseases. The most common is diabetes, and many diseases that reduce to zero the vital energy which is so important to man, and is wonderfully available in organic fruits and vegetables that allow us to live better and healthier. This project is to get back to the garden of life, a revolution really, where the young and old will receive basic raw materials: planter boxes, soil, and various vegetables, and with us they will sow them themselves, and commit to take care of them all by themselves, so, one morning, they will see the upraised first leaf popping up, which will be the fruit of their labour… I believe with all my heart, that when a person takes responsibility “and by his sweat, he will eat bread”, that way, he will believe more in the food which goes into his mouth. Of course, discarded ideas were offered – to buy them something with ready vegetables in it. But I felt that there is a depth in doing it from the beginning, from the soul, and plant the seeds and of course take care of them until fruits are taken from it. We will go from house to house and we’ll start this project with the understanding of the eternal salvation we all are waiting for. It is learning to take responsibility for our lives and our health. Its making us get close to earth and it holds a heavenly row in the garden of life. You will have friends who understand the greatness of the hour and the wonderful garden tree of Life. I would like to tell you a vision of hope (with God’s help), that during the next few years we will be able to influence hundreds of people to have a change in their lifestyle, even slightly. And more so, when the wonderful vegetables grow with even a possibility to share with neighbours. This week, the students from Neve Michael, with Zvia and Rivka, with one professional advisor from the nurseries in the area, will join us to direct us in the project, and next week, also Timek with the students of the Mechinot, will plant seeds with the Winners in their homes. Finally, let’s remember something important: The ones who love the Bible and G-d, who look in amazement at all the dramatic events taking place in the world:  natural disasters and horrible wars, attribute all of this, to the change of the old world. Let us remember that the main war is happening in different battlefields. These fields, are inside of us. Here a change is prompted, in the human consciousness, by changing concepts, changing the reference, by agreeing to depart from prejudices, from a pagan culture which has minimized the human soul, for too many generations. Let’s give attention to the fact that the most obvious changes are the changes within ourselves. There is the real battle. The real change won’t occur if the person does not agree to the change inside of him. This is the value of the process, little by little. But, this process is required more than ever. And I should remind you: when a person has responsibility, there is no longer a passive state in which we live. Passivity is a disease which undermines the magnificent role we play as a beloved partner for tikkun olam in the kingdom of G-d. That’s the reason that our project, will encourage for years ahead, to take responsibility, to build contacts, to strengthen and encourage non-perpetuating wretchedness, and say Yes! Yes! Yes! For life! I would like once again, to encourage you to spread our word wherever possible, and encourage people to join this blessed project. Daniel.

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