The holiday of Chanukah

Dear Friends! We, in “Lechaim”, had an exciting week and a half, where we were very much the light to our winners, and we have received light as well. But before telling the details of this wonderful week, I would like to say a little about the nature of Cיanukah. As is known, Chanukah miracles were huge. There was a small jug miracle, which the oil lasted for eight days, with emphasis on the small pitcher, and you will understand why I emphasize the size of the jar. Secondly, there was a huge victory by the Maccabees: few against many Greeks. Indeed, against all odds, triumph and  victory were the results of  faith which brought this victory with the blessings of heaven. A small jar, represents more than exceptions, because it is not the size that counts, but rather the opposite! mainely because we have received from the Creator and against the materialistic point of view which  measures everything by quantity, precisely here is the great miracle. Today, we are experiencing tremendous miracles before our eyes. America is considered by many, to be a “close friend of Israel”. However, once again, it has turned out that it is a false idol and a broken reed. Israel again, has been left alone against the hypocrisy of the world, the wickedness of the world and a longstanding deep hatred for the Jewish people. Indeed, in normal eyes, the situation does not look good. We are isolated. I feel however, that this is wonderful and great news although it has  not penetrated deep enough yet, in the hearts of most people in Zion. However, the Bible already told us through the Prophets, how redemption will come and how there will be judgement for the nations of the world, when the people of Israel will return back to Zion. Then Hashem  will differentiate the people from other nations, and we’ll realize that we will have no rest, except from our Father in Heaven, and that the meaning of false culture imported from the West, is as a broken reed. The great miracle is that Israel is alive and eternal! the chosen people, who love G-d, and are loved by G-d, and the role that the Almighty has given to us in this world is : to be the light for the whole world ! and all the roads and world events, bring revelation within the kingdom of heaven again. The process can be painful and sometimes even, very painful. However, it is the natural part of the destruction of the old familiar world, heading towards a new world under the kingdom of heaven.

Last week and this week, I had the privilege to join a number of events of Amutat “Lechaim”. In Chatzor, we met with students from  Kfar Hanasi, winners from Rosh Pina and Chatzor.  The depth of the experience we had revealed  pearls from the people who joined the event . What everyone agreed and felt, was the feeling of one heart, one flesh. These Chanukah lights, were really holy. The event was  modest but with quality. We were all excited and elated. Thanks Timek, who does it  with a modest heart and makes the project flow with radiance in the north. Yesterday, great poetry with Shir who again  conducted, and managed to turn a bright light on in Zafet. The cold and foggy weather didn’t cause the people to stay home so we  took the winners and the students from Baram by  transportation, and were accepted by Shir and  some of her mates from the army on the gates of thier basis.They  created a very remarkable integration. Every word and every person who spoke, said things from the heart, with depth, and a  wonderful sense of unity was felt there which can’t be expressed  by words because it was much more then that. It tasted as wonderful as divine hidden light, influenced by the right gathering with open hearts, such as it was yesterday. The winners also, felt this symbolic value. We will continue to bring light to any place, when requested, and I want to thank our friends here and abroad, and wish them a pleasant holiday, and to all of our Jewish brothers: Happy Festival of Lights!     There is no one, nothing, but Him !!!

                   Or Eitan (stable and strong light)

Dear Friends ! Just a little extra and important to the spirit of Chanukah which we celebrate. Amazing to see, how the powered countries turn off their beck, to the supposedly their “big” friend – Israel. Here too, the public discourse raise surprise. Indeed, Canukah symbolizes more than anything, the victory of the mind over matter. Mattatyahu cried out loud : “Who is with the Almighty  – join me!”, And incorporated a small group around him, a remarkable strength with faith. With eternal faith! Even here, in contrast to opportunities lie in contrast to the sight of the eyes, He will not abandon, not leave, and will blow His spirit to the core of believers, and arouse them the spirit of the holy fire. Victory over the Greeks was a brilliant. Also here, the ones who have a little faith are “scared” from Obama’s pullout of Israel, in favor the hypocrisy of the world.. And precisely here, there is a great test of faith: Is the fear is  from the illusion of quantity and size, or having  trust the truth – which is the Or Eitan ( stable and strong light) by reminding to ourselves, that our spirit –  the Messiah of our G-d, and with this power , we will experience the love of G-d and the eternal promise of                    Eternity of Israel – will not lie !!! Daniel.


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