Daniel Braun Tenach teaching – part 2 of session 1

Daniel Braun Tenach teaching – session 1
This is the first session of his teaching that helps us to understand the time that we live in and what our own responsibilities are according to the Jewish Bible, the Tenach.

Interview Dec. 2012 Beer Sheva
Limor, the Lechaim-to-life social worker, assists the most needy shoa survivals in Beer Sheva and Sderot. How did the shoa survivals managed their life during the racket attacks fired by the terrorists from Gaza in November 2012?

Interview Dec. 2012 Sderot
This interview is taken one month after the Gaza operation in November 2012. Daniel Braun from the organization Lechaim-to-life interviewed the teenage girls that volunteer for Lechaim-to-life. The girls perform visits to the adopted Shoa survivals in Sderot, Israel.